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Gone hog wild and a brand new idea*

Yesterday we went to our State Fair ūüėÄ I love the state fair!
Turkey LurkeySome more pigs. No, really, they’re pigs.A pig

We spent a ton of money and won three fish. It was a good day.

After a long, fun, hot day at the fair where I did NOT write a single word I hopping into the shower and a brilliant new idea just came to me–title and all! For me,finding a title is like a really slow and unssucessful scavenger hunt. So to have one come to me, fully formed and backed by a solid idea is very exciting. So I’ve begun sketching out the idea. It’s too early to share the title, but it’s a good one!

The scary part is the story behind the title is NOT in my favored genre’s. Change can be good though.




That’s the best way to describe my bloging and vloging efforts.

What can I say? I’m a busy bunny. But new blog, new start.

Since I’ve been invited to do an interview for one friend’s blog (Henny’s House) and to be a guest blogger on another friend’s blog ( and to do so I had to re-establish a google id, I thought now might be a good time to re-establish a blog too.

But what, Lily, is this blog about, you ask?

Well, writing mostly, though not exclusively. And not any particular kind of writing. I write fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic papers. I read . . . everything. So that’s mostly what we’ll discuss.

We may also talk about Nerdfighters, reducing world suck, adoption (a major way to reduce worldsuck), respect, and any other topic that happens to traipse through my head.

Welcome to my master plan! I hope it focuses itself soon.